Deadly Sins is coming in February


I’m thrilled to announce the my episode of Discover ID’s Deadly Sins has finally gotten its air date!  The episode will be shown on Saturday, February 2nd at 9:00 P.M.  You can check to see if your local provider carries Investigation Discovery using this link.


The episode is called I’d Kill for a Sex Change, and investigates the case of Skylar and Jennifer Deleon.  It’s a very intense and disturbing episode, and needless to say, not for young children.  I’m playing one of the detectives that was instrumental in catching the couple, as well as a small part as a robber in another scene (aided by one of the strangest looking motorcycle helmets I’ve ever seen).  This was an incredible cast and crew to work with, and we’re all extremely proud of this episode.  If this is the kind of show you enjoy, I hope you’ll tune in!

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