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Staying Creative

Obviously, this year has been a little different than prior ones artistically.  That said, even with the pandemic I’m happy to have been able to stay creative.  Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Had some comedic fun with self-taping

Got to make some great sketches with some talented friends

And the big one: after two years of work, two friends and I released our first fully produced audio drama, Remainder.  This original sci-fi thriller is the result of outstanding work by a talented cast and crew, and marks my first foray into producing and directing voiceover.   If you’re a sci-fi or adventure fan, we’d really appreciated a listen!





Cabin 11 is Live

I’m pleased to announce that the production company started by John DeSilvestri and I, Cabin 11 Productions, is now live on YouTube!  You can check out our first sketch (Lineage DNA) now, with more to come soon.  Make sure to like and subscribe so you don’t miss anything.


And now for the funny…

BIG LAW is here!

Grueling hours. Scary bosses. Flying staplers. Can new paralegals Pete, Julian, Pengyu and Zara survive two years in “Big Law”?

I’m thrilled to be a part of this all new, 6-part LGBT comedy web series from Necessary Outlet.  You can see me in “Orientation – Part 1”, above!  And don’t stop there, I promise the rest of the series will keep you laughing to the end.

American Whatsis-What?

American Kirare-Yaku premieres in exactly one week!!! Since I’m assuming everyone’s been desperately wanting to know what a Kirare-Yaku IS, here’s a little insight for you.


KY Definition

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And if you fancy a little more reading, check out for an interview with one of the greatest Kirare-Yaku of our time, Seizo Fukumoto.