Coming Soon: Bob the Goon!

Looking for something fun to do this Devil Night/ Hell Night / Gate Night (or whatever the night before Halloween is called near you)?  Come out to see the one-night-only showcase production of the brand-new play Who Mourns for Bob the Goon? at Dixon Place.  This piece has been in development for almost a year, and after a few very successful readings (and an award at the Plant Connections Theatre Festivity) we’re very excited to finally share it in a fully-produced form.


Who Mourns for Bob the Goon?

Who Mourns for Bob the Goon? is a new play about a man who believes he is the obscure comic book character ‘Bob the Goon,’ a loyal Joker henchman from the Batman comics. The audience follows Bob as he attends a special therapy group for individuals who all believe they are (or were) third tier comic book characters. Bob starts to unravel after the admittance of a new woman, Langly, into the group.

The characters explore their past as the play switches from their realistic lives and settings to the fantastical comic book realms they think they inhabit.


Written by Joshua Young

Directed by Lu Bellini


One night only! October 30th, 2015, 10:00 P.M.

Dixon Place, 161 Chrystie Street, New York City


$12 General Admission

$10 Students and Seniors


Featuring: Michael Fewx*, Elise Hudson*, Jon Carhart, Phillip Smith*, Dani Baum*, Matthew Rini, Jolynn Carpenter and Matt Mingle.

*These actors appearing courtesy of Actor’s Equity Association


Production Management: Zoupanou Katerina

Stage Management: Evelyn Benitez

Projection Design: Shana Solomon

Animnation: Rudy Agretsa



V/O is live!

After lots of work with the incomparable Jane Dashow (seriously-check her out if you’re looking for great training), my commercial voiceover demo is complete and now live on the site!  Check out the V/O page for the demo and a few other fun clips we recorded.  I’m also thrilled that this coincided with my first professional voiceover audition this week, and I’m looking forward to continuing to work in this exciting medium.

See Me on Fatal Encounters

The fatal shooting of Kansas abortion provider George Tiller made headlines in 2009, and sparked a national debate about a woman’s right to choose.  Just after the four-year anniversary of his death, Investigation Discovery chose to tell Dr. Tiller’s story, as well as the story of his killer, Scott Roeder, as part of their series Fatal Encounters.  In the episode titled Deadly Conviction, I play Dr. Tiller during his younger years, when he was coming to grips with his feelings about abortion and the situations that his female patients found themselves in a pre-Roe v. Wade world.


The episode airs on Investigation Discovery on Thursday, June 27th at 9:00 p.m. (and will be repeated frequently thereafter).  You can find your local Investigation Discovery channel here.

New Commercial Spot

I’m quite excited to announce that the spot I filmed for Thermalin Diabetes is now live on their website.  This was a really fun shoot with a wonderful crew, and (as I have family members with type II diabetes) it was great to work with a client who is producing a product that will potentially help millions of people around the world.  You can check out the spot (and other stories of the challenges of living with diabetes) at

Deadly Sins is coming in February


I’m thrilled to announce the my episode of Discover ID’s Deadly Sins has finally gotten its air date!  The episode will be shown on Saturday, February 2nd at 9:00 P.M.  You can check to see if your local provider carries Investigation Discovery using this link.


The episode is called I’d Kill for a Sex Change, and investigates the case of Skylar and Jennifer Deleon.  It’s a very intense and disturbing episode, and needless to say, not for young children.  I’m playing one of the detectives that was instrumental in catching the couple, as well as a small part as a robber in another scene (aided by one of the strangest looking motorcycle helmets I’ve ever seen).  This was an incredible cast and crew to work with, and we’re all extremely proud of this episode.  If this is the kind of show you enjoy, I hope you’ll tune in!

Really busy week!

It’s been a great week this week–over the weekend I booked a promo for a new diabetes medication which shot Monday, then today I had a great day of pickup shots for Deadly Sins.  Plus, I just found out I booked a multi-day shoot for Discover ID’s Fatal Encounters, which shoots next week!