Here are some things critics have had to say about my work…


Who Mourns for Bob the Goon?:
“The cast is strong, and there isn’t a weak link…Dani Baum (Sybil) and Matthew Rini (Artie) play off of each other incredibly well…It’s hard not to feel for Artie, despite his past mistakes, which is credit to Rini’s choices.”  (Times Square Chronicles)


“Matthew Rini in the title role and Liz Sklar as Lady Macbeth are particularly excellent,” (


“I was particularly impressed by the fact that Macbeth (Matthew Rini) did not come across as a character so blinded by ambition he allows himself to be manipulated by those around him (Lady M and the witches). Not even Fate could truly be blamed for this Macbeth’s actions, although his belief in Fate definitely has an effect on his downfall.” (Theatre Knights & Daze)


“Matthew Rini…happily hits his best stride in the famous “Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow” speech.”  (, Critic’s Pick, December 2010)


As You Like It
“Matthew Rini performed his two roles admirably, particularly the part of Silvius, stalwart lover in pursuit of his heart’s affection,” (Theatre Knights & Daze)


The Three Sillies:
“It won’t spoil things to say that Sammy finds even more foolish characters (a high point: the Frenchmen who can’t put on their pants).” (NY Times) (I’m one of the two Frenchmen!)


“Suffice to say that the acting is very, very good by this talented cast, the direction (by Troy Miller) is inventive and at times ingenious, the fight choreography (by [Matthew] Rini) is well done and its execution by the company is impressive.”  (


“[I]t is the band of Players that steal the show. Like the Rude Mechanicals in Midsummer, they are lighthearted and insightful, and contrast sharply with what is mostly a dark play.”  (, winner of the 2007 Falstaff Award for Best Script Adaptation/Dramaturgy)


Sex and Hunger:
“Sex & Hunger sort-of works as a study of a spoiled but clueless young man trying to win the girl of his dreams (and Matthew Rini’s grounded performance as Blake contributes mightily here).”  (